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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Thankful Project Day 4: An Experience

Happy Monday Y'all. I hope your weekend was fantastic, and you're not too terribly depressed about having to go back to the real world of Mondays. 

I am continuing with my dedication to The Thankful Project hosted by Kenzie over at Chasing Happy

Day 4: An Experience 

While I have been lucky enough to have many wonderful experiences in my life, I believe the most life changing event was getting married and becoming part of a unit. 

When Matt and I were engaged I knew I loved him. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, and I knew I wanted to be married. And looking back on our engagement I think we did a good job of preparing for married life. We read a few books, we had open conversations about every topic we could think of, we went to church, etc. But nothing really prepares you for actual married life. 

Being a wife these last three years has really taught me a lot about being less selfish and more aware of the needs of others. It's taught me to look and see how my actions affect the tone of our marriage. When I was single, it was really just all about me. I am going to go do this... I am going to go buy this... I want to see this movie, I, I, I... and while I'd like to think our marriage is all about me- it's really not. 

I've learned that it's about we. How are we going to spend this extra money... what movie do we want to see... what are we going to do this weekend. 

This experience of marriage has really taught me to share, to compromise, to relax, to think of others, and to make sure our goals are aligned. 

This does not mean that our marriage is perfect. The last few years have taught me a lot, but there is tons more to work on. I'm really grateful to have this experience in my life. I'm grateful to have someone to share all these new adventures in my life. I'm grateful to have someone remind me the world is not all about me. 

How great is it that I get to spend my life with this cutie? 


  1. I think you're spot on with your descriptions - a unit in which you're continually learning and growing. What a great thankful experience to share.

    1. Thanks Ace! Being married is always and adventure- some days better than others. But I am always thankful to have my husband in my life.


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