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Monday, November 11, 2013

Reflections: Month 3

Yesterday, I celebrated the end of my 3rd month in Korea! Time is flying by. 

Things I've learned in during my 3rd month of Korea: 

Koreans smoke and drink like crazy. Crazy crazy. I read about this before I came here, but it's still really surprising to see men passed out on the street or causing a mini scene at a restaurant. There have been times that I've had to avoid the throw up on the street while walking to my bus stop. The drinking is whatever- it doesn't really bother me, but the smoking drives me crazy. I feel like it's everywhere. People can smoke in restaurants and it's really annoying. 

I learned that the busses pretty much run the streets. It seems like red lights or lines don't apply to busses.  Busses run red lights all the time. They pass cars whenever they want. If they are turning, they will just go straight to the front and turn. It's a bit scary, but it does make my commute a bit faster. 

Work is going well. Things haven't progressed too much with my co-workers, but I think I have proved that I can teach and keep things in order. As for teaching, it's a bit boring and at times completely frustrating, but it's still pretty cool we are here. Some days I get annoyed that my students don't really take the class seriously, but then again I don't think the teachers do either. I teach at a Hagwon, so it's just a type of tutoring/ after school center. Whenever I find myself frustrated, I just try to remind myself that my students are just kids and they've been in school all day! I can't image being in school all day just to go to another school. Most of my students go to many different Hagwons during the week. I think it's quite crazy. 

I've learned that a Korean face mask is very different than the face masks back home. I know I've shared this picture before, but it's so funny. I don't know how much these masks helped, but it was fun to try. Korea is a bit obsessed with beauty products. There are stores just filled with really strange things. I can't wait to try a few different things. 

Okay, as for my goal that I set last month... well- that didn't go so well. I've been working with my Rosetta Stone program, but it's a bit difficult. I think the biggest issue is that I don't know the Korean alphabet very well, so I can't sound out the words or read them to memorize or practice them. So right now I am focusing on memorizing the alphabet so I can then work on vocabulary. I think this is the best plan for my studies. Hopefully I will have better news for next month's reflection. 

So far, Korea has been really good. There are things that I find a bit annoying, but I am still really happy we chose to come here. It's definitely been a learning experience, and I know we are just getting started. 

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  1. Brilliant post. Such experiences are wonderful, funny and at times weird! I love travel blogs. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Thanks so much! Traveling and being an expat has definitely given me a lot of funny experiences. So far Korea is so great!

  2. Month three already?! I feel like I was just reading your month two reflection! Girl, you and me both. Studying has been... mehh... I feel like I'm stuck. I've learned quite a bit of grammar, but it's hard for me to put it into practice because I find speaking really difficult for me. I'm also having trouble learning large amounts of vocab.

    I love face masks haha! I can't wait to go to Korea and buy a ton.

    1. Mallory- That is exactly how I feel! 3 months! I feel like I was just in Hawaii finishing up my first year of teaching, and now I am freezing my butt off here in Korea. I am with you on the studying. I am so frustrated. I feel like I am listening to the language all the time, and I haven't picked anything up. For me the pronunciation is killing me. I can't seem to grasp simple words. But I'm still going to keep going and learn what I learn I guess.

      If you ever craving a certain Korean product just let me know and I can sent some stuff to you. When will you be making your trip here?

    2. I'll be in Seoul from Dec. 22 to the 29th! I'm excited but I know it's going to be FREEZING so I'm not sure who I'm going to handle that... but there are still a lot of things I'm looking forward too! :)

  3. Time really does move at a faster pace when you're living in another country. We're almost at 6 months here, but it only feels like 2-3!

    Dodging vomit on the street? That is awful. People in London do a lot of drinking, too, but they generally keep it together pretty well in public...unless you find yourself in a rowdy pub. I have NEVER seen anything like what you're describing. Yikes.


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