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Monday, August 19, 2013

Korean Folk Village

As I talked about a couple days ago, Matt and I took a trip to the Korean Folk Village. The whole purpose of this village is to educate visitors to the traditional customs and practices of the Korean culture and their history. The village is very hands on and has various stations set up where you can take part in certain traditional practices. The village is quite large and there are tons of things to see and participate in. 

This trip to the village Matt and I just wandered around and explored as best we could in the 90 degree weather. 

 {Jangseung (Korean Totem Pole) - these function as guardians to the town. They were placed at the entrance of the town for health and prosperity for the area and people. They also functioned as signposts.}

{Shrine of Prosperity} 

{Entrance to the Land Owners home} 

{Entrance to the government offices} 

{Wishing Rock- people write wishes on a piece of paper and tie them around the rock.} 

They also had a Buddhist Temple for you to see. It was up a hill away from the village a bit, and it was so quite and peaceful. For awhile, Matt and I had the place to ourselves. 

I know I've said it before, but if you're in Suwon go to the Korean Folk Village. I know Matt and I plan on going back. There is so much we didn't see and a whole amusement park to explore. 

Tell me cool or not cool? 


  1. Oh Korea... it has a special place in my heart! These pictures took me back to my time spent in Korea! :)

  2. Casey, I am so excited to explore Korea. My husband and I are having a blast so far!

  3. wow...i will visit thank you for sharing your experiences...

  4. wow...i will visit thank you for sharing your experiences...


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