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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Korean Folk Village: Farmer's Music and Dance

Today Matt and I adventured out of our Air Con apartment and went to the Korean Folk Village since it is so close to where we live. 

Korean Folk Village 
Time: Plan on at least 3-4 hours, but you can easily spend a day here (especially if you get the amusement park combo pass) 
Cost: Adult 15,000 Won for Folk Village; Combo Pass 24,000 Won 
Location: Off Suwon-Yongin Highway. You can get there by bus or taxi. 

The first thing we did was see the Farmer's Music and Dance performance. There are two performances during the day for you to catch (10:30 and 2:00). 

I would highly recommend going to the performance- that alone was worth the 15,000 Won. (At least in my opinion.) It was so great I really don't have that many words to describe it other than awesome. 

I'll let the pictures tell the story: 

According to the Korean Folk Village, the Farmer's Music and Dance performance was a way for the farmers to pay homage to the abundance of crops. This was to symbolize the movements and practices of farming. 

Every few minutes the rhythm would change and the performers would start doing something different.  Everything was done so perfectly, and the whole crowd was into the performance. 

I think this was my favorite part. There was a circle of men that would do spin jumps all round the outside of the circle. It was pretty amazing what they could do. 

Here is a video of it:

Aren't these the coolest guys ever? 


  1. The spinning jumps are awesome! Great pictures and videos!

    1. Saxon- Thanks for leaving your comment. We loved the show!


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