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Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Flashback #62

The last few weeks I have been sharing pictures because I haven’t had any ideas for stories to share. Boy do I have one for you today!

If you didn't know, I love Maxi dresses and skirts. They are so comfortable, but they are nice enough to wear out or to work. You can really do anything with a Maxi.

Including get stuck in an escalator.

Yup, it happened.

Did you ever seen the episode of Modern Family where Claire gets her coat stuck in the escalator and she's naked underneath? This story is kinda like that. 

{image via

A while back, Matt and I were at a mall in Hawaii and needed to go down the escalator. As I stepped off the escalator I realized something was not coming with me. My skirt had gotten stuck in the escalator. I panicked immediately and yelled for Matt who was a few steps ahead of me.

I think I said something like “I’m stuck!”

Matt had to come back and grab my skirt out of the gears of the escalator. There were all these people just looking at me and laughing. And what was weird was that the guy behind me just pushed past me- he didn’t even try to help!

Finally Matt was able to free my skirt and I was saved! I guess I am just lucky that my skirt didn’t tear off and leave me standing in my underwear in front of Windward mall. And I am really lucky that Matt was there to help me. If not, I probably would have been standing there in my underwear. 

Do you have any really embarrassing stories like this? I would love to hear your embarrassing stories- please share!


  1. This is the kind of thing that I do.... : / Some people float around in life looking serene and chic, that's not me. I trip up and walk into doors, although once on the dance-floor, I skidded and turned it into a cool move, so everyone thought it was deliberate. [blushing]

    1. I am so glad I am not the only one that seems a bit clumsy in life. While I love the Maxie look- I can't quite figure out how to walk gracefully.


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