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Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday's Letters #1

*I thought it would be good to start this new series Friday's Letters to share what's going on with us in Korea. Note: I got this idea from a few travel blogs I follow. 

Dear  Matt, I am beyond excited to be reunited with you after being apart for so long. I can't wait to see  your face and start our wonderful adventure! P.S. please don't be late picking me up from the airport :) 

Dear America, I sure will miss you. I'll miss your wonderful holidays (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, President's Day, etc.) But I hear Korea has some good holidays too, so it should all work out. I'll miss your super sized lifestyle and your wonderful reality t.v. Thank you for Hulu Plus and Netflix so I can keep up with my entertainment. Stay safe America- I'll see you soon. 

Dear Chik-fil-A, I will really miss you. I will miss your chicken sandwiches, and your wonderful lemonade. If you could please open a store in Korea that would be great. At the very least could you please figure out a way to send me some lemonade. 

Dear Family, I really will miss you. Please send lots of letters and keep in touch. Get skype and we can talk all the time. Dear Friends, you should do the same. In fact, you should all start Following the blog so you know what's going on. :) Have a great year- I'll see you in 2014! Dear Asian Babies, Please don't grown up too much. And don't have too much fun without me. Good luck with your 5th and 4th grade school years. Take care of Gibbs for me, and don't forget to change my Betty Boop calendar.

Dear Suitcases, I am getting a little tired of living out of you and hauling you around. I will be very happy to finally unpack and put you guys away. And on the flight to Korea, please stick together and actually make it there. 

And finally, Dear Korea, Please be nice to me. I promise to try to adapt to your culture and lifestyle, but there will be an adjustment period, so please be patient. I look forward to seeing all the amazing things that your country holds. I look forward to teaching your children English. I look forward to attempting to learn Korean. I'll see you soon.

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