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Monday, February 11, 2013

"Hoo" Will be my Valentine?

The other day I came across this Valentine treat from the blog My Owl Barn

I thought these were so cute, and I knew I needed to make them. 

And they looked really easy to make. And they are... if you are on the mainland and can find all these supplies easily. But if you are in Hawaii, it is not that easy. 

We went to 4 different stores just to make these cute owl treats! And we couldn't even find a couple- we had to improvise! 

Here is what we used: 
{For the ingredients from the original owls click on the link to My Owl Barn. }

My final product: 

What do you think? I wish I had the Necco wafers and the yellow Moon Pies, but I had to use what I had. 

I don't think they turned out too bad, but to be honest with you... Moon Pies are gross! 

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