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Saturday, February 23, 2013

300 Down... Many More to Come

This is my 300th blog post. 

I can't believe it. 

I have been in the blog world since May of 2009, and I gotta say: I love it. 

I am so glad I started this blog. It's my little corner of the web and I like to think people enjoy the things I share. 

One thing I have struggled with, especially in the past year, is feeling like my blog isn't good enough. Or that people don't really care. I see other blogs with tons of followers and tons of comments being left, and I think- how can I make my blog like theirs. 

And this is what I have figured out: 

{image via

And I am finally fine with myself... or I should say my blog. I am happy that this blog is part inspiration... part journal... part venting... part recipe sharing... part crafting... and part sharing myself with y'all. 

At the end of the day, I think what I write is awesome, and so does Matt. Honestly, that's what counts the most. I am happy with my blog and I am proud that I take the time to write my feelings out and share them to the world. It's a great feeling, and I definitely recommend it!

So here's to a Happy 300! Enjoy. 

Love, Alex 


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- Alex