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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Very Graham Weekend and Other Festivities

This past weekend was busy, busy, busy! 

Friday night Matt and I met up with Obachan and the Grahams to celebrate Chinese New Years. 

We ate dinner at this place called The Lucky Noodle. {Well, they ate and I picked at my nice for a while.}

Then the Lion Dancing started and it was pretty cool to watch. I am glad we went down to see it. But the firecrackers were really loud and it got really smoky. But it was fun, and Matt was happy I came this year. 

{Feeding the Lion}  

 {Little Lion Dancers}

After the festivities, Matt and I went to see the movie Warm Bodies. It was really good and worth the cost of the tickets, and the concession since I needed a snack after not eating Chinese. 

On Saturday we met up with Josh and Ari (Matt's Graham cousins) for lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe. We wanted to treat them because they have chauffeured us around a lot in the last couple of months. It was good spending time with them. You would think we would see them all the time since they are our upstairs neighbors, but we really don't. It was good food and good company. 

Sunday we had to go to Kaneohe so I could pick up my lacrosse equipment. {Yup, you heard me- lacrosse! I am coaching again this year. This year I am coaching the Mililani High School team.} 

Anyway, while we were in Kaneohe we stopped by my cousin's house. We ended up watching the Super Bowl with them and having a lot of fun. They had a lot of food, and I got to roll sushi again. 

{My sushi fail.}

 {Poor Matt- he had to eat the messed up sushi.} 

{Our Super Bowl cupcakes} 

Sunday Night- we had dinner with our new friends Kea and Kai'anui Graham (Josh's cousins on his dad's side), and Janelle and John Gomez. 

It was a good weekend. I am glad we got out and did a bunch of stuff this weekend. 

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