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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Favorite Things: Downton Abbey

I love Downton Abbey. I really do. And if you haven't watched this show... stop reading my blog and go watch it... go... now! 

{This contains season 3 spoilers. So don't read if you plan on watching the show.} 

So where was I ... oh yeah, I love Downton, but sometimes that show just makes me so mad. 

I was sobbing when Sybil died this year, but now this. 

What the hell Downton? 

I know Dan Stevens asked to leave, but this seemed like a little too much after Sybil's death. 
{If you have no idea what I am talking about read this.}

I knew what was going to happen and I still cried. 

I even wrote this in my 5 year journal on Sunday. Haha 

And now we have two babies that are living without one of their parents. That seems a little extreme for  20th century England. 

Anyway, regardless of what Downton did this season, I am still a huge Downton fan. 

But does anyone else get a little confused with the timeline. I feel like in seasons one and two they did a good job of placing a timeline, but season three they lost me a bit. 

If you feel the same way. I found a really good Timeline for Downton. 

What I really love about Downton is that Matt is secretly into it. Every week I ask if he wants to watch it with me and he says no. And then about 20 minutes into it he comes and sits a little bit closer. By the end, he is completely watching it. 

This happens every week! He loves it.

I mean who could not love this:

 I will faithfully be watching season 4! 


  1. K. You need to watch North & South and Wives & Daughters. They are both on Netflix and are both really awesome. I like Downton too and LOVED these shows :-)

  2. Alyssa, I love North & South!


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