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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Unexpected Moments and Growing As a Couple: A Link Up

I am linking up again with Wifessionals to share more moments from the first year. 

If you missed last week's, click here

Today's topic is: What have you learned from the unexpected and How have you grown as a couple during the first year? 

When Matt and I got married we knew we were moving to Hawaii for me to finish school. Our plan was for me to finish all my undergrad courses in a year and then to move back home to student teach and for Matt to start school again. 

But that did not happen. Even though BYU H promised me I could student teach back in Georgia... That was the first unexpected moment in our marriage (and the only one I will share in this post). When we got married Matt was sure he did not want to go back to a church school, and I was okay with that. But I wanted him back in school within a year. 

We quickly had to come up with a new plan and it actually turned out really well. Matt applied to BYU H and got into the Social Work program. What I learned from this little road bump was that if you have faith and are actively seeking a new path, something will turn up. When we were engaged going back to a church school was never going to happen. And through this bump, Matt found a program that is perfect for him. 

All of this led to us becoming closer as a couple. I mentioned this a bit in the last post, but I had a hard time letting go of my mother's advice during the first little bit. (Note: I still ask for her advice, but I always talk to Matt first.) 

I really think being 4000+ miles away from our home was enough to really bring us together. We were newly weds living so far away from those that we had previously leaned on. It was this action that really made us a married couple. We were dependent on each other for meals, money management, employment, and so much more. 

Thinking back on our first year, I have realized that it was the hard moments that really brought us together. It was the stressful times of eating Ramen on the bed in our "studio" apartment that brought us together. Without the hard times and the tests that come with them, we might not have the marriage we have today. 

Matt and I have been married about two and a half years now, and I honestly can't tell you when I've been happier. Matt is my best friend, and I know that through thick and thin he is with me for eternity!

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  1. I love you babe, and I love reading your blog! It's just so good! I think now that we are physically separated I appreciate these posts more than ever; I am so grateful for them!


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