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Monday, June 10, 2013

A Challenge- #NoSodaSummer

It's no secret that I love reading other blogs. One that I really love and find inspiring is Freckleberry Fit 

This lady is truly awesome and what she has gone in the last year was awesome! Anyway, she has issued a summer challenge- A No Soda Summer. The challenge is from June 1- August 31. 

Since I am a little late, I will end my challenge September 10th. 

So here it goes:

This is a big deal for me because if you know me at all you know I am addicted to caffeine. If you think I am joking, you don't know me well enough. While I have definitely lowered the amount of soda I intake in the last month or so, I never can seem to cut the habit. 

Here is my chance to be a part of a mini community and kick the soda habit once and for all. My goal is by September 10th to not even want to drink soda again. 

Please wish me luck and give me all your support. 

Here is some of information Ashley from Freckleberry Fit put on her blog: 

 Those who drink large amounts of diet soda for long periods of time often experience tooth erosion, rotting, decay and other types of oral damage – in many cases just as bad or worse as the effects experienced by long-term drug users, according to a new study published in the journal General Dentistry.

Well, good grief! I think I need to stop drinking soda! 


Thanks for taking the time to comment- I appreciate and read each and every one of them. All replies will be in the comment section, please check back to read them!

- Alex