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Monday, June 3, 2013

Giving Thanks- Friends

It has officially been one week since Matt left for Korea. And it has been a little rough. There have been tears, but I haven't been so depressed I can't do anything. 

And part of that is because there are some amazing people in my life. One, I am so thankful for my full time job and my 150 students that keep me beyond busy throughout the day. I can't even indulge in a little pity party because my students need me. 

Two, my family. I have had phone calls this whole week making sure I was good. My mom and mother-in-law called almost as soon as I got home from taking Matt to the airport. And my father-in-law has been sending e-mails and links to cool things I should check out. 

Three, Skype. Seriously, the best thing ever! I have talked to Matt almost everyday this week. 

Four, my friends. Now between the two of us, Matt was the one that was more sociable, but I have some great people looking out for me. 

I was literally driving home from the airport when I got this text message! Seriously exactly what I needed. I spent my first night without Matt with my friends (and technically family) and it was great. 

Then yesterday I got this message

Okay- Arianna is the nicest person in the world. She is always looking out for others. I am so happy she is both a friend and my cousin-in-law. {Note: I know I spelled your name wrong in my phone Ari...sorry.} 

So I just wanted to give thanks to everyone that has made this week bearable! THANK YOU! 

Also, if you read the last text messages you will have noticed that my 25th birthday is this Friday, so make sure you're nice to me! And I am assuming my presents are in the mail... right Mom? 


Thanks for taking the time to comment- I appreciate and read each and every one of them. All replies will be in the comment section, please check back to read them!

- Alex