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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cara Box Exchange #1

Last month, I was reading one of my favorite blogs Friday We're In Love, and I came across this wonderful thing called a Cara Box Exchange

Cara Box

This exchange is put together by Wifessionals, and it is awesome. Basically, every month you get matched up with two different women and you exchange Cara packages. Every month is a different theme and you put together a package relating to the theme and what your partner would like to receive. 

Kaitlyn, the author of Wifessionals, says: Awesome things in the mail + Meeting new women + Encouragement = Cara Box

And it really is an amazing experience. 

This month I got to meet two amazing bloggers: Rita from Champagne-n-Pizza and Dwan from Momma DJane

The theme this month was Regional. I was assigned to give Mrs. Rita package and you can click here to see what I sent her. I had such a blast reading her blog and e-mailing back-in-forth this last month. She is really an awesome, awesome person, and she shares the greatest stories! 

Mrs. Dwan sent a Cara box to me, and I LOVE it! It was filled with stuff I love and can use. 

Here's what I got: 

 {Photo Album and a Travel Hair Styling Kit... LOVE LOVE LOVE}

{Texas Pen and Notecards to stay in touch while in Korea, Texas playing cards to keep busy on the plane, an American Flag, Chapstick!, and a handwritten note.}

Dwan really took the time to read through my blog to see what I would really enjoy, and she hit the mark. 

This was such an amazing experience, and I could not be happier with my first Cara Box Exchange. 

Dwan and Rita are seriously two awesome ladies! 

If you are interested in June's Cara Exchange click the link and sign up. It really is awesome. 


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your Cara box. I hope the items are useful for you! It was fun getting to know you through your blog and good luck on the move this summer.

  2. Dwan, The gifts were perfect!

  3. You're awesome! So glad we were paired together. Happy, happy with our new blog friendship. :)


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