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Monday, June 3, 2013

My Gadanke Journal: Wedding Scrapbook

Last November, Matt bought me two Gadanke journals. The Wedding Scrapbook and the Love Where We Live journals. 

And I loved them so much that I bought the Christmas journal pretty soon after that. 

I finished the Christmas and Wedding journal and decided that I wanted to share them with Katie, the founder of Gadanke. 

And it worked out great. My Wedding Journal is now being featured on her website. I feel like a famous person! 

 I love the way my  journals have turned out and I am glad I finally have my wedding stuff organized. 

I love Gadanke journals! I have given many as gifts and everyone that has used them loves them. Seriously, buy one or two or three! 

Click here to see my Wedding Journal on the Gadanke's website.  

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