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Sunday, May 20, 2012

If You Have A Ten Hour Layover In Portland- What Do You Do? .... Go to Voodoo Doughnuts

Matt and I had a ten hour lay over in Portland before heading back to Honolulu. At first we thought we would just tour around the city for a while and then go back to the airport... and then we realized our layover started at 10:00pm! So we thought we would get a hotel and sleep for the night... but not until we tried the famous Voodoo Doughnuts! If you have not heard of them click HERE! This place takes doughnuts to the next level. They put all sorts of strange stuff on their doughnuts and each one is awesome and fresh!

By the time we got to our hotel we were dead tired, but really wanted some doughnuts. It was well worth losing some sleep to be able to experience this awesome place. Everything about this place is awesome... the line out the door... the cool decor.... the people... everything great!!!!! And the best part- the doughnut names! Every one was unique and some were just down right dirty! Matt and I just went up to the counter and told the guy to fill a box with the most popular. It was the best way to go about if you have no expectations because it is a little overwhelming. Our guy was great and did not disappoint!

I recommend a visit to this establishment and soon! 

 (Marshal Matters) 

 (Triple Chocolate Penetration) 


 (Maple Bacon Bar- Yup that's bacon on a doughnut) 

 (Captain My Captain) 


(Miami Vice Berry) 

(Dirty Old Bastard) 

Portland seemed like a great city and I cannot wait to go back and explore it in the day time! 

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  1. WHAT? you guys were in Portland? Pshh, we're only a 4 hour drive from there (the drive alone would have killed 8 hours!) :) Some of those doughnuts look intense!


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