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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

San Francisco and Yosemite

As you know, a couple of weeks ago I flew to visit my brother and dad out in California. I had a blast and can't wait to go back. Most of the time we just hung out, watched some baseball games, and just relaxed, but during the visit I did get to see some of the sites. So to share my trip with you I thought I would post some pictures.... or a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

 Yummy Desserts at the Ahwahnee Hotel. We went there for Sunday brunch. I would recommend it! 

 Got yummy cupcakes at Sprinkles! Much better than Georgetown Cupcakes and those were great!
 I got Red Velvet, Chocolate Vanilla, Smores, Carrot, Vanilla, and Black and White! All were awesome!
 Oh no big deal- drove a Porsche around! 
 Went running with the pops! 
 Drank coke out of a bottle! 
 Froze my butt off at Joe's game! But the trip was totally worth it! 


  1. That chowder looks delicious!! And I'm glad you like Sprinkles more that GT Cupcakes. They really are overrated.

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