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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday Flashback #13

Keeping with the spirit of Joe's 19th birthday, I thought I would share another flashback about Joe.

When I was 8 and Joe was 3 my Abuela was watching us while my mom was at work or school or escaping us.... Anyway, during this time Abuela needed to go to one of her rental properties and clean up so new renters could move in.

As you could probably imagine, this activity was not the most amusing to the two of us. So being the older and wiser sibling I decided we should play hide and seek. (At this point, I am pretty sure Joe understood the gist of the game... you know at the age of 3...so game on!) While Abuela was in the house cleaning we were having a blast unsupervised outside..... unsupervised..... again unsupervised... I guess this was a time before children were taken and killed... oh wait no that happened... hmmmm :)

Well, hide and seek was going well and it was Joe's turn to hide and I would seek! I start counting 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, (wow counting backwards at 8- impressive) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Come out come out wherever you are!

I turn and look at Midnight (Abuela's black Dodge Intrepid) and there is Joe... hiding in the trunk of the car! (Abuela had left it open because the cleaning supplies were there.)

THE TRUNK THE TRUNK.... the perfect place for a big sister prank!

So of course, I went over to the trunk and I shut it! Yep, I did it... I mean he climbed in what else did he think would happen (again Joe was very advanced for his 3 years- hahaha)

My process and intent was this: shut the trunk and then quickly open it. I was only going to shut it for like 5 seconds... 5 that's all... not even a half a minute!

So the trunk is closed and I run around to the driver's side and look for the latch/ button to open the trunk......IT'S NOT THERE!

IT'S NOT THERE! Oh my gosh, okay calm down.... run to the passenger's side.... IT'S NOT THERE!



Hmmmm.... dead brother, or the wrath of Abuela.... choices choices..... okay, I got it... I will get Abuela, but tell her Joe shut himself in...yes, yes that's it I will lie (I used to lie all the time as a child- I could do this!)

I run in tell Abuela my lie.... she doesn't buy it and quickly sprinted out to the car! I followed her. Abuela went to the passenger side.... and opened up the glove  box and pushed the yellow trunk button! (What? Who puts that button there???? That's just stupid!)

The trunk opened and there was Joe crying, but ALIVE! He was pointing at me and crying... it was horrible....  And then I got the biggest lecture from Abuela that I had ever experienced... I think at this point I was still sticking to my story... in fact I don't think I told the truth till about high school.

So there it is... Joe was okay.. I had not killed my brother! Although, I don't think we have ever played hide and seek again!

Hope you enjoyed this flashback!

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