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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tokyo Disneyland: The Food

Happy Thursday! 

I thought I would continue talking about Disney Tokyo to stay with the theme of the week. Today I'll share with you all the yummy food we tried while in the park. Before this trip- I didn't even know that the Disney Parks had delicious food. I didn't know people made a point to travel around the park just to eat the food. So, for this trip- we had a plan. I researched and figured out what I wanted to try. 

This plan worked out perfectly because we just spent Saturday avoiding the crowds and just ate our way through the park. It was wonderful. Saturday was also my birthday, so it was the best way to spend it. Just walking around and trying yummy food. This was the first Disney trip we had made as the 'adults' in charge, so we decided exactly what we wanted to eat and when we wanted to do it. Sometimes it's great being an adult.

$- 10 or below
$$- between 15 and 25
$$$- 30 or higher 

World Bazaar 
 Great American Waffle Company- $ 
We started Saturday off to a yummy start with the Great American Waffle Company. Mickey shaped waffles- we had to try them, and they were delicious. 

We tried the Maple and the Strawberry & Custard Sauce waffles, and they were amazing. Best waffles ever! Or at least- best waffles I've had since moving to Asia. Or the only waffles I've had since moving to Asia.

{Friendly worker letting us get a shot of the fresh waffles.} 

Refreshment Corner- $
We stopped off here on our way out of the park on Friday night. We were hungry but didn't want to spend a lot of money. The Refreshment Corner sells hot dogs and fries- perfect American food. We got the chili dog set and it was great. Again- I hadn't had an American hot dog in a while, so maybe it's not that great. My taste buds are all off kilter since living in Asia. But anyway- great place to grab a bite, and it has the best view of the castle. 

Sweetheart Cafe- $ 
We stopped off here after our waffle adventure. This cafe has an assortment of sandwiches and baked goods. We tried Mike's Melon Bread and a Chocolate Mickey Muffin. I'll be honest- I didn't love the bread, but it sure is cute. 

Other Places to Eat: Eastside Cafe, Center Street Coffeehouse, Restaurant Hokusai, Ice Cream Cones. 


Pan Galactic Pizza Port- $$ 
Taking another break from the rain- Matt and I stopped off here. We had the calzone, pizza, and the alien pudding dessert. We were happy with everything, but the alien pudding was my favorite. If you don't want pizza- I would recommend at least getting the pudding. You get three (1 chocolate, 1 strawberry, 1 vanilla). 

You can also grab an ice cream at the Soft Landing or a Mickey shaped burger at the Tomorrowland Terrace. 

Other Places: Plaza Restaurant, Space Place FoodPort, The Popping Pod, Lite Bite Satellite 


Captain Hook's Galley- $ 
This was the first place we ate at on Friday. This serves yummy slices of pizza. I would pick this pizza place over the one in Tomorrowland. 

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall- $$$
The best thing about this place is the decor, and it's inside so it's a nice sit down place. The food- eh. We just did this because it was late and raining and I wanted to sit down. It's a buffet and they have a few choices. Matt had the chicken and I did the beef- it was all right. If you're on a budget I think you could pass on this place. The lines can get a bit long, so I would recommend a reservation if you do want to try this place. 

{My birthday dessert. It was good- I was happy to be there, but I was just really tired at this point.} 

Village Pastry- $ 
Stop by here for a Tipo Torta (a pastry stick filled with cream). I believe there's chocolate and original. I didn't love the Tipo Torta, but it was cheap. 

Other Places to Try: Troubadour Tavern, Cleo's 


Blue Bayou Restaurant- $$$
I've always wanted to eat at the Blue Bayou. It backs onto the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, so you can see all the boats ride through while you are eating. The wait to eat here can be long, so try to get a reservation if you want to eat here. We ate an early lunch here on Saturday and got right in. This was the most expensive place we ate at, so we just shared a meal and got the potato soup. I liked it, but I don't know if I would eat here again. If the weather was nicer I know we probably wouldn't  have eaten  there. We were just looking for a place away from the rain. 

Bolier Room Bites- $
Come here for a nice steamed bun in the shape of Mickey and Minnie. The Mickey is pork and chicken, and the Minnie is Strawberry and Milk. We tried the Mickey and loved it. Out of everything we ate- this was both our favorites. I wish we had gone here more than once.

Cafe Orleans- $ 
This was another winner for us. The crepes are so good. We went here three different times (don't judge). We tried the banana & chocolate and the strawberry & whipped cream. I really like seeing them making the crepes. 

Other Places to Try: Royal Street Veranda, The Gazebo, Crystal Palace Restaurant, Polynesian Terrace Restaurant, Parkside Wagon, China Voyager, Squeezer's Tropical Juice Bar, Fresh Fruit Oasis, and The Skipper's Gallery

Of course there's food to try in the other lands, but this is all we got to on our trip. There is also a ton of popcorn stands around the park with different flavors (honey in front of the pooh ride, carmel, butter, soy sauce, etc.) 

We ate A LOT of food on this trip, and it was the greatest. At most places we got one item to share- that way- we could eat more and we spent less money. It was a great way to try all we wanted. 

I hope this was a bit helpful. I always like when people give food recommendations, so maybe you do as well.

If you want an even more detailed account of the park- click here. 

Happy Almost Friday! 

In other news- Matt and I will be heading to Mongolia on Saturday. Since we will be a bit busy- I have Casey from True Colours and Caroline from Love Live Travel helping me out on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Make sure to check back next week and read their wonderful posts.


  1. That all sounds really awesome. I definitely noticed the food selections at Disneyland Paris were so much better than the ones in California. In California, we just have your standard pizza and burgers. Although they are starting to finally add more things. But the quality still isn't as good.

    1. It was so good! I think the parks are getting on board with having better food selections for their guests. You pay so much to get in- the food better be delicious!

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