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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Letters #56

Happy Friday Y'all! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Our week went by pretty fast, and I am excited it's the weekend. 
We are spending the weekend with our favorite family The Schmitts. Jackson has a football we are going to tomorrow and then we will be going to Octoberfest at the Osan Air Force Base. We always get exciting going on base because it's like a little piece of America- it's always a treat. 

Anyway- onto the letters. 

Dear Students, Sometimes your outfit choices crack me up. Over the last year, I've seen some pretty weird choices in clothing. You would think I would be used to all the weird things people put on shirts here, but sometimes a student walks in and I just have to grab my camera. This week a student in my Junior 2-3 class (age 11) came in with a sweater that read "I love Beer". I knew I needed to capture this sweater for the record books. 

Dear Fall TV, So glad to have you back in my life. This week has been absolutely wonderful. This week we saw the finale of Big Brother 16 {Congrats Derrick}. We started the show Red Band Society - which I love in a this is heartbreaking, but funny at the same time type of way. Sleepy Hallow returned- which if you're not watching- there is something wrong! We've had a fun week catching all the premiers and getting back in the Hulu groove. So so happy! 

Dear Fall, It's nice to see you coming around the corner. I know technically it is Fall now, but the days here are still feeling a bit warm. The evenings are getting nice, and I can see some leaves changing. But if you could hurry along- that would be great.

Dear Skype, Thanks for being there for us while we are 7,000 miles away from our loved ones. This week we got to skype with both of our parents, my cousin Jessie, Matt's sister Malia, my BFF Beth, and we have another two dates set up with my sister Chantal and brother Joe. While I really love being able to see everyone's faces, I can't wait to see them in person. 8 more months!

Dear Vic Market, Thanks again for being a great date night spot. It's nice to get a hot dog and pick up groceries for the week. Maybe Matt and I should branch out on our date nights, but for now- you're golden. 

And that's our week in a nutshell. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Love, Alex 

We Took the Road Less Traveled


  1. haha that shirt is too funny... I remember visiting korea and sometimes i would spot an elderly woman with some profanities on her shirt. i'm pretty sure she just picked it up not knowing. also i suppose profanities in another language never sound as bad to you as your own.

    skype and facetime have been so wonderful for us too. even though we only live cross country and not overseas. :) and i'm also excited about all the fall shows!

    1. That happens all the time here. We see the weirdest shirts and hats. We love skype it's so nice to actually see the people that are so far away. It's been great. And omg- the fall shows. I am so happy they are back. It's been a great way to end each day. Thank goodness for my VPN so I can watch them overseas.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Omg that beer jumper! When I was on JET, I had a 10 year old student who would come up to me every morning without fail and tell me he had a hangover!

    1. Hahaha that is so funny. Sometimes the language barrier is just so funny. I've stopped saying stuff because they usually don't understand why exactly it's bad.


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