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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reflections: Month 13

Happy Thursday Y'all! 

I hope your week is going well. Matt and I enjoyed Mongolia so much and really can't wait to share it with y'all. But for now- Happy 13th month anniversary to me! 

Another month has come and gone as our Korea journey continues to head towards it's downward stretch. Our time here really has gone by fast, and I want to make sure our last few months here are filled with new adventures. 

Today's reflection is all about change. 

Change is always a part of life, but as an expat it is inevitable. Sometimes the changes are small like bowing to others here in Korea. Sometimes they're bigger like starting a new job. And sometimes there are changes where you never thought there would be changes. One surprising change that happened to me is the way I pack. 

When I would take trips before, packing was such a pain. I would over pack. I would always check a bag if I was flying- regardless of the length of the trip. I would take a quick weekend trip and have more than 1 bag in the car. I had to have my shampoo & conditioner. My clothes for everyday of the trip even if there was a laundry service. But that has changed in the last couple of years. Ever since flying became a more consistent part of my life- I've gotten pretty good at the carry on method. 

Every trip that Matt and I have taken we have only brought carry on luggage, and half the time we just use our travel backpacks. I never thought I would be able to squeeze all I needed into a backpack, but it happened. And let me tell you- it is so freeing to just have carry ons. Not waiting at the baggage claim. Not worrying about bags making it. No luggage fees. No broken suitcases from the careless treatment of going through the gate. It is great. 

I really love this change that traveling has brought me. I love being able to have everything I need right on the plane with me. 

What changes has travel brought to you?  Do you use carry ons or checked luggage? 

Happy Almost Friday Y'all!. 


  1. Happy 13 months! I now also try and only bring carry ons versus checked luggage. I have gotten so good at packing as little as possible when traveling!

    1. Thanks girl! I never thought I would get to the backpack stage, but it does feel good!

  2. Congratulations on 13 months!

    I like to just take carry-ons with me, but the last few trips I have taken, that wasn't really a viable option. But when I can, I REALLY prefer it.

    1. Thanks Karen! That's how I am. If it can't be done- I check it. Luckily- for all our mini trips we can just carry on so it makes everything easier.


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