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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What to do While You're In Hawaii: Travel Tuesday

It's Travel Tuesday time! We are supposed to share a favorite travel photo for this week's prompt. Well, I am going to share a few of my favorite photos from my time living on Oahu. 

The last few weeks I have been talking about places to see while staying on the island of Oahu. I did this mainly to recap the visit I had with my cousins, and to remind myself of the place I called home for the last 4 years. 


This week I wanted to recap everything and give you a list of things for you to do if you ever find yourself on Oahu. This post is all about what I liked to do when I lived on Hawaii and where I usually take people when they come for a visit. *I don't hike, so there will be no talk of hiking on this blog post just in case you wanted to know. 

Beaches: Okay- so I am a totally beach snob. I lived on the North Shore, and therefore I will not talk about any beaches in the town area {Waikiki and Honolulu} Here are my top beaches to go to.  
1. Sunset Beach* 
2. Pipeline*
3. Lanikai 
4. Waimea Bay*
5. Kailua 
6. Keikis

*Home to the Triple Crown of Surfing  - you'll see lots of surfers here which is part of the awesome experience 

{The Sunset at Sunset} 

2. Waimea Bay
3. Electric Beach aka Tracks
4. Hanauma Bay 

{Waimea Bay} 

1. Ted's Bakery $ (get the chocolate haupia pie)- Across from Sunset Beach
2. Duke's $$ (during lunch the kalua pork sandwich was to die for)- In the Duke Outrigger Waikiki 
3. Papa'oles $ - Hau'ula 
4. Pakele's $ - Kanehoe 
5. Waialua Bakery $- Haleiwa 
6. Ola's $$$- Turtle Bay resort 
7. Roy's $$$$- Waikiki, Hawaii Kai, Ko'Olina 
8. Monkey Pod $$- Ko'Olina 
9. Seven Brothers $- Laie 
10. Hukilau Cafe $- Laie- Perfect for breakfast 
11. Kono's $- Haleiwa - My mom loves the banana mac pancakes 
12. Hula Grill $$$$- Duke Outrigger Waikiki- The steak is to die for 
14. Cinnamon's- $$- Kailua - Awesome breakfast- the Red Velvet pancakes are so yummy!

{Creme Brule at Ola's and Hula Grill} 

{You should probably eat at a shrimp truck- I can't tell you which one cause I can't eat shrimp, but good luck.} 

Shave Ice: You can't go to Hawaii without getting shave ice... yes, shave ice not shaved ice. In fact, if you don't get it more than once- there's something wrong with you :) 
1. Matsumoto's - It's an iconic place in Haleiwa, so you should at least try it once. 
2. Angel's- Laie. This was where I lived, and honestly I liked it better than Matsumoto's. The ice was finer and the ice cream way better. 
3. Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha- Hawaii Kai- All of their syrup is all natural. 

{Angel's Shave Ice- Kid Size} 

*I would recommend trying out a few different places before settling for one. I also would try it with ice cream and condensed milk. For real, it will change your life. if condensed milk is too much for you to handle try the ice cream for sure! 

Things to Do {other than the beach} 
2. Polynesian Cultural Center- I would recommend the day tours and the night show (you can completely skip the food because it's gross). The day show helps you understand the night show a lot better, so if you are clueless about the Polynesian cultures go to the villages during the day. *I would recommend taking the short tour to see the LDS (Mormon) Temple- even if you're not Mormon- it is a beautiful place. 
4. Go see the Duke statue 
8. Sunset Heiau 
9. Walk Waikiki Strip
10. Bishop's Museum 
11. Blowhole
12. Laie Point
13. Makaupuu Lighthouse 

The island of Oahu is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to live there for as long as I did. If you ever get to visit I hope you try out one of these things I've listed. 

I really hope this to do list helps someone planning a trip to the island. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

If you have any other favorites on Oahu please leave your comments! 

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 


  1. Thanks for this! We moved here not too long ago and already we felt like we'd run out of things to do! This list can give us a jumpstart!!

    1. Elizabeth- there is tons to do on the island! I'm glad this list helped out!

  2. Great list! We loved living there. So much fun to be had.

    1. It really is one of the greatest places ever. I'm glad we had the opportunity to live there.

  3. this is great!!! Makes me miss Oahu so much! I was only there for a week (back in 2011) but I fell in love! So glad I found ya through Compass Rose's blog!

    1. I'm glad you found me too! I love Oahu. I hope you get to return one of these days.


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