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Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Letter #9

Dear Friday, I am so excited you are finally here! Even though our work week was short- it took you a long time to get here! So thank you for finally arriving. Dear Work, Something the things you make me teach are a little strange. I mean what's up with the title "The African boy might be happy with the big fish"... it actually had nothing to with the lesson. I'm happy I don't have any lessons to plan because it makes my life easier, but sometimes the books kill me. 

Dear Budget, So I guess it's time to get serious. This month we are trying out the envelope system we have heard so much about. And yes, you read right- there is a category for Amazon books... I could have a slight problem with buying e-books. So here's to us being adults! 

Dear Miley, I keep going back and forth on whether I actually like you right now, but I have to say your SNL hosting was pretty good. And I am pretty obsessed with this version of "We Can't Stop". I just wish you would wear more clothing and stop sticking out your tongue. 

Dear Readers, Thanks so much for stopping by day in and day out. I love seeing new followers being added here- it makes me feel like I'm not just rambling on for nothing. I love all the support y'all show.  Mahalo. 

Dear Abuela, When I got this e-mail I just started laughing so hard.  "Matt and Alex - i have ordered your halloween candy but they wouldn't ship directly to you so it is coming to me suppose to be here by the 15th so might miss halloween -  i will mail it out right a way i promise. Ordered you 5 bags so in the meantime do lots of walking so you are prepared to enjoy the candy ha. love ya" Thanks so much for sending us 5 bags of candy! (Seriously, how great is my Abuela!) 

P.S.- Did anyone else catch this week's Glee? Good grief I was crying the dang time. Anything that starts with a cover of Seasons of Love is going to be heartbreaking. 


Happy Friday Y'all. 

Love, Alex 


  1. I really like that video/song! Thanks for sharing :D

  2. Im completely with you on the Miley thing... at first I thought she was a train wreck... but now I think.. shes just trying to figure out who she is:)
    Tammy x

  3. I'm with you on Miley! SNL was freaking funny.

    1. It was really funny. I think SNL is having a good season so far.


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