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Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Letters #8

Dear Week, You've been pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Work was good and the Thursday holiday was even better. Please continue to go by fast so I can enjoy my weekends. 

Dear Mom, Thanks for sending me candy corn and my blanket from home. That was really sweet of you. Now, I will also need my winter clothes unless you want me to turn into an American Popsicle over here. Dear Family and Friends, You could also follow mom's example and send me some Halloween candy and candy corn! Abuela, I know you probably have a couple bags in your trunk- stop sneaking them and send them to me. Haha I kid, I kid. But for real, what's a girl gotta do to get some candy up in here? 

Dear Korean BBQ, You never get old. MMMMMM. I love you so much. Don't ever change. Dear Tex Mex, You were delicious. I am so glad we met, and I can't wait to see you again. I am glad to see you actually exist here in Korea. 

Dear Fall, I'm glad you are FINALLY showing yourself here. I was getting a bit upset about this heat. It's finally cooling down at night and it feels so good. Thanks for coming, and please stay awhile. I have been loving being able to get hot chocolate this week. Dear Fall Lineup, Welcome Back! Mindy, Jess, Bones, Castle, Knope, Nick, Cam- I've missed you. Thanks for coming back- you are taking up a little too much of my time, but I love you anyway. 

Dear Matt, You're pretty cute. Dear Waffle Dessert, ummmm yum. For real, why aren't you popular in the U.S? Or are they and I've never seen you? Well whatever the case, I'm glad I've found you here in Korea. 

Love, Alex

P.S- My Q&A interview with Casey at True Colours is on her blog today! Go check it out


  1. These letters are cute! And mmmmm, that Korean BBQ looks tasty! I need to convince my hubby to take us to the local Korean restaurant soon...it has been too long! I hope you don't turn into an American Popsicle! I remember one of my Korean friends always said the only thing he did in the winter in Korea was shovel snow so he could go to work and shovel snow to get back home. haha

    1. Saxon- Thanks! I enjoy writing these each week. It's a great way to sum up the week with all the little things that happened during it. I really hope I can cope with the winter here. I've lived in Hawaii for so long I really don't know what I am going to do! I hope you can get some Korean food soon. :)


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