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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

This week my mom called me to share a funny thing Jud did on his 'Man Date' with Barry. 

It was a typical Jud funny story, and I knew it needed to be documented. 

Friday night, Jud and Barry had a father son date out to dinner. Barry took Jud to The Varsity, a local fast food joint that Mom hates.

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The Varsity is one of those places that everyone in Georgia knows about. If you have visited Georgia and you never went to The Varsity, you missed out. And if you are planning to go to Georgia, the Atlanta location needs to be on your list of things you must visit.

Anyway, The Varsity has a location near our home and Jud and Barry often go there to get some hot dogs and fries.

One of the most famous things about The Varsity is their saying: "What'll ya have?"

And they say it really fast and they say it over and over- like this: What'll ya have what'll ya have what'll ya have?

And you go and order.

So Jud and Barry got to the restaurant and Barry said "Jud, wait right here and think about what you want to eat."

Then Barry turned around to take a call or do something and all of a sudden he heard:

"What'll ya have? What'll ya have? What'll ya have?" in a really loud voice that sounded a lot like Jud.

 Barry turned back around and there was Jud, at the counter with one of the Varsity hats on (see picture below), yelling "What'll ya have."

Oh that kid makes me laugh!

But the story gets better.

After they ordered their food and sat down Jud asked "So what language are they speaking?"

Barry: Who

Jud: The workers at the counter

Barry: Jud, that's English

Jud: Really?

Barry: Yeah Jud, it's English just with an accent.

Hahaha! So all this time Jud thought the people at the counter yelling "What'll ya have, What'll ya have, What'll ya have" were speaking a different language.

Gotta love that kid! 


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- Alex