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Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Easter Inspiration

Dear Readers, 

There are so many great Easter/ Spring ideas that I felt like I needed to share! 

{image and idea via.} 

 I love decorating with subway art. And the simple class jar filled with Easter eggs is brilliant.

Let me first say, if you have a home to decorate you are so lucky! I am jealous you can decorate and I can't. For one, our place is really small. Secondly, we are moving next month, so I am trying to de-clutter our house, not add stuff to it. 

So please do some of these things and share with me. I want to live vicariously through you! 

Here we go:

{Idea and tag via. I actually can do this one since it is a gift. And I probably will do this for my co-workers.} 

Easter Countdown
{Image and idea via. I love this idea, especially if you have children to share this with. Matt and I may attempt this. Each egg is filled with a task to complete for the day. Like dying Easter eggs, or making cookies.} 

The blog eighteen25 has so many great ideas, including Easter egg garland and a wonderful subway art. Y'all need to check this out! 

Easter Bunny Advent Calendar

{image and idea via}

This Easter egg hunt party is adorable. Somebody please do this! 
{image and party via}

This is seriously awesome! {image via

Do you have any Easter ideas? Please share!

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