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Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Journaling Soul

The other day my father-in-law sent me this quote: What is a diary as a rule? A document useful to the person who keeps it. Dull to the contemporary who reads it and invaluable to the student, centuries afterwards, who treasures it.” - Sir Walter Scott 

You guys know I love journaling, and documenting every part of our lives, but I wanted to get Matt more involved in the journaling process. So I did some research to find some manly ways to get Matt a journaling. I came across this great blog for all my manly readers out there, or more likely- the women to tell the men in their lives! The blog is called The Art of Manliness, and it is pretty awesome. The link sends you to to a post about man journaling, and gives many great suggestions on journaling. 

If you have a special man in your life they should at least attempt to read this. 

Anyway, I found a few journals that I thought were pretty cool. Some are great for the guy in your life, and some are probably just for women. I can't help it! I do a search on the internet to find stuff for Matt and, I always end up finding stuff that inspires me as well. 

The Book of Myself: A Do It-Yourself Autobiography
I think this would be great for the men. The book is so structured; it makes documenting your life easy. It's a good place to start it you want to get back into the journaling game. You can find this on Amazon for under $15. 

Poppin's Soft Cover Notebook with Gold Foil Initial 
I love these notebooks! These would be perfect as a his and hers type notebook. {I hoping to find these in our Easter baskets this year!} They come in white, black, and red.

Project Life 
Okay and for the ladies! I am so so so excited to share what I found today while reading one of the many blogs I follow! I found this journal/photo album/ scrapbook called Project Life. 

This product is made by Becky Higgins and looks awesome. I cannot wait to buy the starter kit! Basically, you pick your pattern of paper, some page protectors, a three ring binder and you are good to go. Scrapbooking and journaling have never been so easy. You can do snap shots of your week, month, day- whatever! And the finished products look so great! 

 I am thinking Matt and I will start one on our next big adventure. Seriously, how cool and easy does this look. They have all sorts of patterns and you can use it for anything: wedding, pregnancy, baby's first year, a yearly family update, etc. Get on board people! 

{image from the Product Life website.} 

What do you think about journaling? Do you think it's necessary? 

I know I do! 

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