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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Whistler Olympic Village {Travel Tuesday}

As much as I love sharing Japan with you guys, I wanted to take a break and go back in time. And in spirit of the Olympics- I thought I would share Whistler Village in Vancouver, Canada with y'all. 

When Matt and I were planning our honeymoon we knew we wanted to go somewhere cold because we would be moving to Hawaii after the wedding, and didn't need to spend money on a beach location. 

So we picked Vancouver. While we were there we were able to take a couple of day trips and explore some areas around Vancouver. One trip we took was to Whistler, and it was pretty amazing. I recommend taking a trip up there if you have the time. I wish we had a bit more time so we could actually ski or stay over for the night. 

The Vancouver Olympics ended in February of 2010 and we were there in December of the same year, so the village was still really nice and busy. 

We had a lot of fun walking around the village. It was in a beautiful location, and had a lot to look at and explore. I love seeing all the Olympic villages. 

Happy Tuesday! 

Travel Tuesday

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