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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Letters #25

Happy Friday Y'all! 

Is anyone else beyond excited for the weekend to be here? My plans aren't that exciting- I plan on catching up on my Project Life album and studying for the GRE. :) 

Well onto the letters: 

Dear Korea, Sometimes the things I see here make me laugh. This little guy was cute in a creepy kinda way. The message is cute, but coming from the cat--- not so much. But here in Korea with CCTV we really aren't alone. 

Dear Gyeongbokgung Palace, You were amazing. Matt and I had the greatest time exploring this weekend. It's hard to believe that you were built in the 1300s, and it's crazy to step back in time in the middle of modern day Seoul. I can't wait to share our weekend adventures on the blog. {Posts coming soon} 

Dear Couple Outfits, You make me laugh. {For those that don't know- a couple outfit is when a couple wears matching outfits to show that they are together. Couple outfits can be just a matching t-shirt to full on head to toe matching.} I love seeing people on the street with their couple outfits. Saturday we saw a couple on the subway wearing matching shoes, black pants, button down shirts, and matching charcoal pea coats. It was amazing! And I started to giggle at them… until I looked at Matt and realized we were wearing our very own couple outfit. {I guess I'm lucky I didn't wear my grey and white striped shirt} ….  Korea changes you. :) I would say I'm embarrassed that we went out like this, but I'm not. :) 

Dear Mexican Food, You were delicious. I can still taste the yummy yummy guacamole. We decided to try a different place in Itaewon called Los Amigos. It was a little pricer than Tomatillos, but they had more variety in their menu. The ambiance of the place was wonderful and the service was great. We will definitely be returning. {PS- I felt weird saying the word ambiance} {PPS- My biggest complaint about Los Amigos is the lack of free refills.} 

Dear Get-A-Awaycation, We had the greatest time last weekend. Matt planned a surprise overnight trip to Seoul and I had the best time. {Other than getting a horrible migraine Saturday night.} We stayed at the Hilton Millennium Hotel, and I can't wait to share the trip with you guys. Matt really wanted to do something special, and I really didn't want to plan anything- so he took care of the plans and the whole weekend was a surprise. We especially loved snuggling in the robes and watching the Disney channel in Korean :) We were able to watch the US vs Russia Men's Hockey game on a nice big t.v. and it was wonderful. 

And to the biggest news of the week!!!! 

Dear Cambodia, Seriously so excited that in about 70 days- we will be traveling to Cambodia. For the past couple of weeks we have been looking for tickets to Cebu, Philippines and the tickets were crazy expensive and the flight times were horrible. So we started looking at back ups. Taiwan, Tokyo, Cambodia, and Hong Kong were on our list. And while Cambodia was the most expensive (although not as expensive as The Philippines)- the times were the best and we just couldn't resist! We have a trip to mainland China planned and figured we would hop over to Taiwan and Hong Kong on that trip. And we can always catch the Philippines…at a cheaper date. So Cambodia here we come!!!! (I can just see my mom rolling her eyes and wrinkling her nose.) 

*If anyone has any Cambodia tips or things to do let me know. 

Happy Weekend Y'all! 

Love, Alex

We Took the Road Less Traveled

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