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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Project Life: 2014

Sometime last year, I came across this thing called Project Life by Becky Higgins, and I fell in love. Project Life is the perfect combination of journaling and scrapbooking. The whole purpose is to get you to document your life - actually put your pictures in an album and journal a bit. 

I have wanted to start Project Life for the last little bit, but just didn't know what to do. I really wanted to do an album while living in Korea, but it's kinda a pain to ship things to us, and then I really didn't want to bring a huge scrapbook back with me when we move. I also am really bad about printing out pictures and knew it would be even harder here in Korea. So I had pretty much accepted the fact that Project Life wouldn't be a part of my life until we moved back to the states. :( 

And then I found it…. Digital Project Life!!! 

The same idea, but it's all on your computer! Woo Hoo! Same templates, same core kits- same- same- same! So this past weekend, I bought a core kit and some templates and got started. {I also bought Photoshop Elements because some sort of photoshop product is necessary to do digital project life.} With Digital Project Life- you can print your pages out and then put them in an album, or put them into a digital photo album through Shutterfly, Blurb, etc. (This is the option I'm going with.) 

A lot of people use Project Life to do a layout every week, but that's not really going to work for me. But that's the great thing about this system- you can do it however you want. My goal is to work on month and event lay outs. 

Here is what I have so far: 

Title Page: 


I have one more layout for January, and I'm currently working on our Japan trip. So far I am loving this project. The first couple of pages took me a while as I was getting used to the program, but I think I've hit my stride. 

*Note: There are tons of tutorials on line for figuring out digital project life, and there is an on-line course Jessica Sprague offers as well. It's really easy to learn how to do this. 

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. I'll try to share my month layouts with you and what I like or don't like about the project.

Products Used: 
Midnight Edition 
Templates A, F, and G 
Photoshop Elements 

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