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Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Letters #24

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day Y'all! I hope you had wonderful week and that it went fast enough for y'all! 

If you're joining me from Casey's Fresh Face Friday- Welcome and Annyeonghaseyo! 

Dear Valentine's Day, I know you are most common associated with commercialization and people going a little overboard, but I love you. I really do. Last year, Matt and I had the best time writing letters to each other and I loved putting together my '52 reasons' for Matt. This year I had a blast coloring with my kiddos. I am also looking forward to the weekend get away Matt has planned for us. I have no idea where we are staying or what we are doing- and I am so excited. 

*Fun Fact- Koreans celebrate Valentine's Day and White Day (March 14th). Traditionally on Valentine's Day the girls give their boyfriends gifts, and on White Day the boys give their girlfriends gifts.* 

{My Galaxy 2-1 Class} 

And speaking of Valentine's Day- Dear Mom and Dad Ho (aka- the in-laws), Thank you so much for our care package. I can't tell you how much this means to us. There is nothing better than getting packages, and when they come from home- it's even better. 

Living as expats makes you miss the strangest things (i.e. Mac and Cheese). Even though Korea celebrates Valentine's- it's not the huge ordeal it is in the states. So no peeps… no red and white candy. And there is NEVER Reese's! I am so excited to start rationing this bag we got. 

Thanks again guys. We love you! 

Dear Sochi Olympics, We've been having a fun time watching the coverage here in Korea. It's a little strange watching the Olympics with a different perspective and in a different language- but it's still the Olympics! So perfect. 

Dear Airline Flights, If you could just a bit cheaper- that would be great. We are trying to plan a couple of trips and know that your tickets can be a lot cheaper! Please Please Please be lower next week. Thanks! 

Happy Weekend! 

Love, Alex 

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