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Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Letters #23

Happy Friday Y'all! Hope your week went as wonderfully fast as mine did. 

Well let's get to it! 

Dear Japan, You were absolutely wonderful! I really can't wait to share my pictures with all y'all. It was a quick trip, but we fit quite a bit into the trip. Japan, you were beautiful, and I can't wait to make a return trip. {I will be sorting through my pictures this weekend and have some posts up for you next week!} 

Dear Students, Sometimes you make me want to pull my hair out. Sometimes I want to physically remove you from my class. And sometimes you make me laugh. Overall, this week was good and you guys were fun. You put up with my lovely 'diary' topics and turned in some good work. I'm happy I'm your teacher- even if you guys sometimes act like heathens. 

Dear Stamps in my Passport, I love you. I know I'm not the only one who gets giddy when getting a new stamp- I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to get more and more and more! 

Happy Friday! 

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