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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What's in Your Carry-On?

Tomorrow Matt and I will be getting on a plane to Japan!!!! Yay! I'm excited, can you tell? 

The one downside to traveling is the packing. I can't stand packing. You would think that after all the moving around I have done in the past few years I would be used to it, but I'm not. I still really don't like it. But I do have a few things that I always like to travel with. 

I thought I would share what goes into my carry-on. Maybe this list will help you, or maybe just give you a little more insight into my travel life. 

For Japan, we are not checking any luggage since our trip is a pretty quick, so this carry on list is a little longer than if we had checked our luggage. 

Matt and I both have our travel day packs that we will keep our clothes and such, and then we will be using our 'personal' item bags as well. 

I've divided this list into categories that should help you with organization. 

Camera and camera charger 
SD cards (we bring a few with use just in case something happens) 
Kindle and charger 
Phone and charger 
Tripod and Remote

Personal and Entertainment
Babushka (my blanket- it goes with me on every trip I take) 
Skip Bo (the game is small enough that it doesn't take a lot of room up, and it provides a little entertainment for us at the airport, in our hotel room, etc.) 
Ear Plugs 
Make- up* (I usually carry on at least enough for a good touch up after flights, and then check the rest of it in my regular luggage) 
Cardigan or Sweater, Socks, and Scarf - I like to have these on all flights just in case it's cold 
*If I have the room I'll throw in a paperback book and/or a magazine just in case my Kindle dies 
*On long flights I bring my own pillow 

Chapstick (at least two) 
Shampoo/ Conditioner (usually would be checked)
Bath Wash (usually would be checked) 
Face Wash 
Face Wipes
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Face and Body Lotion 
Antibacterial Wipes and Gel 
Contact Case, Solution, and Extra Pair of Contacts 
Tampons (You know... just in case) 
*As most of these are liquids, these go into the quarter size bag for security. This might seem like a lot of toiletries to bring on a carry-on, but I believe in being as comfortable as possible. I like to brush my teeth during long flights and after flights. I like to wash my face, and I like to make sure I have plenty of stuff to wipe the areas of my seat down. 

Cold Medicine 
Pepto Bismol 
Allergy Pills
Daily Meds
*Again, most of this is just in case. I just bring enough to last for the trip and it all fits in a nice small bag. 

Small Notebook (for budget keeping, emergency contact info, and keeping notes while on the trip) 
Hard copy of tickets and any rental or reservation confirmations 
Passports and ARC cards 
Travel Book if necessary 
Cash (depending on the trip length depends on the amount of cash I have on hand) 

Well, I pack a little of whatever is easy. This all depends on the length of the flight, and I always account for the time it will take me to get from the airport to my next meal. :) I hate to be without a little snack. I go for things like trail mix, fruit snacks, goldfish, granola bars, etc. 
I also always get a water right after security. I get at least 1 liter. 

And that's the basic list. I know that seems like a lot, but it really isn't! It's all about the size of the items you  bring, not the quantity.  Sometimes I carry more, sometimes less. It all depends on the trip I am making.  All of the items listed above fit perfectly in my personal item bag that way my 'carry on' larger bag is free for my clothes or whatever else I need to carry on my flight. 

I really hope this helps when you go to pack your carry on for your next flight! 
Wish me luck in Japan! 

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