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Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Letters #19

Dear New Years, Thanks for giving me two days off this week. The three day work week was wonderful. I am excited to see what is in store for us this year. Matt and I already have some pretty cool trips in the works for the next few months. 

Dear Students, If you could please look a little more excited when I give you holiday themed activities that would be great. I'm never really sure what exactly you want from me. You complain when we do work... you complain when we play games... and you complain when we watch movies. I know you just want to leave 40 minutes early and spend the 15 minutes in class playing 'hand phone' games, but that is not what your parents are paying me for. Suck it up and color in the damned 'New Years' confetti and play bingo with me. 

Dear Downton Abbey Season 4, Thank you for coming back into my life. While I regret watching your whole season in two days, I don't regret the time we spent together. I really can't wait till season five starts. Dear Sherlock, I'm so happy to see you will be returning at the end of this month. I'm so excited to see what adventures are in store for us. Dear Regular Programed Shows, Please come off your holiday break. I am starting to get very tired of there being no new shows on. While I am sure Amazon appreciates all the business I've been throwing its way while I buy books for my Kindle, my monthly budget is not very happy. I have a large reading habit and it's only gotten worse with my t.v. shows not playing. {Like 20 books in the last month bad...} 

Dear Weekend, Thanks for arriving so soon. Matt and I are looking forward to taking your time and exploring a little more. We love you. 

Happy Friday! 

Love, Alex 

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