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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Third Anniversary Recap

On November 26th, Matt and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Three great and perfect years. 

Our anniversary landed on a Tuesday, so we both had to work, but we made sure we celebrated as much as we could. 

For lunch before work we went to our favorite Pho restaurant, and for dinner we went out to eat Korean BBQ. It wasn't that exciting of a day, but we were together and that's all that counts. 

Matt got me a Pandora bangle bracelet and a London Telephone booth charm for the bracelet. I got Matt some art supplies that he had been wanting. I also made a gift of letters for Matt to open at different times. I will do a post on that later. 

To end the night, we had cake and bubbly. It really was a great day. 

If you are curious, here are the recaps of Anniversary One and Anniversary Two


  1. Congrats on your 3rd anniversary!! And here's to many many more :) I'm pretty sure Mark and I have done pho and KBBQ on the same day for some celebration haha! It's definitely something we would do.

  2. Happy anniversary! The cake and bubbly look delicious.


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