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Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Letters #16

I am so happy it is Friday! Like November, December seems to be moving right along. 

{The view from my classroom. That is my bus stop down there.} 

Dear Snow, I'm going to be honest- when I walked outside on Thursday and saw that it was snowing- I was pretty excited. But as the snow kept falling, I realized this whole snow business might be a little more tricker than I thought. As I was walking to my bus stop that evening, I came to the conclusion that walking on snow and ice this winter is going to be very difficult. However, I am still excited to be living in a place that gets so much snow. I'm sure in a couple of weeks I'll be singing a different tune, but for now I'm happy. 

Dear Sidewalk of Doom, If you could not kill me on my way to work that would be awesome.

{This is what the sidewalk I take to my bus stop looked like on Friday. It was a great adventure walking down this hill.}

Dear Lord of the Rings Marathon, I am so happy you were on last weekend so my husband could geek out and have some fun. I must admit your movies are quite good, however, spending 8+ hours watching you was a little exhausting. But, you did pump us up for the second Hobbit movie! And I'm happy Matt had fun last Sunday.

Dear Gibbs, I am beyond happy that you came home last Saturday. I can't express my gratitude to my family that spent hours searching and praying for you to come home. In my heart, I knew you would come home, but you caused me a lot of worry. Please don't ever run away again. You don't like the outdoors, so when you see a door open resist the temptation!

{Ummm yes, I am skyping with my little sister and Gibbs}

And finally, Dear J, Happy 25th Birthday! May all your dreams come true. I miss you tons.

Love, Alex 

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