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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Norman's Adventures 2013: Part I

This December 1st, Matt and I woke up and had a wonderful package on our doorstep- our Scout Elf Norman Baggins Ho had returned. Here are Norman's adventures this week! 

December 1

{And there was Norman! It looked like Norman had plenty of food to snack on during his journey from the North Pole. And he ever grew an impressive beard during his journey, although he says he was supporting 'Movember'.} 

December 2

I guess Norman's beard was getting to him, because they next morning we found him shaving in the bathroom. While I thought the beard was nice, I'm glad to see Norman back to his old self.

December 3 

Norman got the K-Pop fever! The next morning we found him at the computer and he had made his very own JibJab! It seems, like every Korean here, Norman is a fan of Psy. We really got a kick out of this video.

December 4

The next day, we found Norman catching up with his old friends. Last year, we caught them playing a card game that seemed to have gotten a little out of control. This year, it seems they were playing a pretty intense game of Bonanza! I'm glad to see they were a little better behaved this year. 

December 5 

The next day, Norman decided to get into a little mischief. I guess he found the toilet paper and thought of a pretty good idea. 

He decided t-peeing the tree would be a good idea. Luckily, mom and dad can't stay mad at his cute little elf face. 

December 6 

Friday, Norman decided to catch up on his correspondences. We found him with our postcards out and writing to some of his friends. He even wrote to Josh Rudolph Drake, the Scout Elf that was adopted by Jud and Oliva this year. I guess that makes Norman and Josh adopted brothers. 

December 7 

Today, we woke up to find Norman hitting our candy stash pretty hard. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that Norman loves candy so much 1) he is an elf and 2) his adopted parents love their sweets... especially his dad :) It looks like he was trying to get to the candy corn we just received from our friends Danica and Jake. 

Well, I think Norman had a very exciting first week here in the Ho household. I can't wait to see what he gets into next week. :) What a cute elf we have. 

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