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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas in Seoul

Last week, I shared some pictures of Christmas lights in the Millennium Seoul Hotel. Today I will share a little more Christmas in Seoul. 

A couple of weeks ago, Matt and I went on a search for Christmas lights. As we were wandering, we came across the lights at the Lotte Hotel, and they were pretty amazing. 

Here are some pictures: 

It seems like Seoul goes a little crazy with it's lights, and we love it! 


  1. I love all the Christmas lights on this post!! I especially like the ones on the trees. I think it's so amazing that it's cover pretty much the whole tree. I'm glad the lights are not plugged in my house, though. Somebody is getting an expensive electric bill this month haha

    1. Thanks Jasam! I love the ones on the trees as well. It surprises me how over the top some cities go with their lights. I can't even imagine the bill!

  2. These are so GORGEOUS! What an amazing find (and this makes me want to deck our house in a bajillion lights :)

  3. Love the lights! We were driving around Seoul the other night and I wanted to stop everywhere to take photos

  4. These are great! Our upcoming move to Korea had me wondering if I'll still be able to "feel" Christmas when we get there, and it looks like I can!


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