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Monday, July 8, 2013

Hawaii- Turtle Beach {Travel Series}

Last week, I started my new travel series. I thought it was a perfect time to do this because my cousins Jessie and Jake were visiting and I played tour guide one last time before leaving Hawaii. 

On their second day of visit we headed to Shark's Cove, and then to Turtle Beach. 

Jessie and Jake wanted to hit up as many snorkeling places as possible, so I really wanted to take them to Turtle Beach. 

Laniakea Beach {AKA Turtle Beach}
Cost: Free 
Time: 30 minutes- 1 hour
Location: North Shore, Oahu 

At Turtle Beach you will find exactly what you would think: Turtles. We went to this place because it is famous for Green Sea Turtles. I drive by this beach everyday going to work, and there are always turtles there. I have even seen a Monk Seal laying out once. It's not the greatest beach to layout, but it's pretty cool to see the turtles on the beach and in the water. 

Jessie, Jake, and I immediately saw a turtle laying out on the beach and we could see some turtle heads bobbing around in the water. Green Sea Turtles are protected, so there is usually a volunteer making sure you don't get too close to them. They are also usually roped off. When you are there please remember to be careful and don't break the rules. There is a reason they are protected! 

Since we saw some turtles in the water, we decided to put our snorkel masks on and go in. The snorkeling can be a little murky, it just depends on the day. When we went it was pretty nice. We saw tons of sea urchins and some fish. We were about to call it a day when we finally saw a green sea turtle in the water. 

No matter how many times I see these turtles, I still get so excited. They are just so cool. If you have time and are on this side of the island- stop here. If you don't have time to snorkel, that is fine- just stop and take some pictures of the ones laying out. 

You will know you have reached Turtle Beach because there is a ton of traffic, especially in the summer. I mean a lot of traffic! {It didn't make my drive home from work any fun.} 

We had a blast at this beach, and I would encourage all of you to stop by if you ever find yourself on Oahu. 


  1. This is a great place... I go up to North Shore often during my time in Hawaii and I love seeing the turtles!

  2. Casey, I lived on the North Shore for over four years, and I never got tired of seeing turtles. Thanks for reading.

  3. You are absolutely right Alex! Turtle Beach is really an awesome place to see the Turtles. I have a craze to learn about different species of animals and birds and during holidays and weekends I often go for trips or tours for this purpose. To visit the zoos, sea life parks, beaches, sea sights, and water parks are my first priority. I visited Turtle Beach last year during my hawaii tours with my friend. I was an amazing experience to see their activities such as bobbing and their way of protecting them self. I agree with you Alex Fahey! Ever animal lover should visit this beach site if he gets a chance to visit Oahu.

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