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Monday, July 29, 2013

Missouri Gets Interesting: Barn Quilts

If you are looking for something to do in Blackwater, Missouri look no further than the Barn Quilts of the Boonslick. While we were in Missouri, we found this really cool thing called Barn Quilts of the Boonslick. All it took was the word quilts and I was on board. 

Basically, different barns around the area pick a quilt square they want painted on their barn, and it goes up. There are about 41 barn quilts in the Boonslick, Missouri area. 

"The mission of the Barn Quilts of the Boonslick Region is to promote and celebrate the unique agricultural experience of the region through the visual combination of barns . . . vital to the economic well being of the rural community . . . and the comfort of homemade quilts that provided warmth, beauty and an outlet for individual expression.  Travel the Boonslick Trail to experience a new trend in tourism.  Barn quilts are large colorful blocks that are designed, painted and then hung on the side of barns.  Click above for a map and further information about the individual barn quilts in  Cooper, Howard and Saline Counties. " {Source via

Barry, Mom, and I decided to take a little tour and see some of the quilts around our area. *Note: Mom thought this was really stupid, and made fun of me the whole time. But at least she came. 

I was really excited because there were so many quilts really close to us. 

Here are a few quilts that we got to see: 

"The Trails" 

"Harvest Star" 

"Star and Pin Wheel" 

"Prairie Queen" 
*This was the barn at the bed and breakfast the reunion was at. 

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