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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Flashback #58

Last week, I was able to go to the annual Asian Baby Reunion
{blog post to come about this year's reunion.} 

If you are confused, I'll explain. Nine years ago my parents adopted Olivia from China. From then on, there has been an annual reunion for the girls that were adopted in the same group and region as Olivia. The parents of the girls decided they always wanted to get together so the girls had a tie to their past. 

I have not been able to go to this reunion since 2009, and I could not believe how big the girls got, and how many more members have been added to the group. 

I thought I would flashback to some of the reunions so you can see the change. I don't have all the pictures from all the years, but here's what I have. 

Reunion 2008 - Georgia 
Age 5 

{From left to right: Katie May, Juliet*, Charlotte, Olivia, KC} 

{Margie, Olivia, Katie May, Charlotte, KC} 

Reunion 2009- California 
Age 6 

{Olivia, Margie, KC, Charlotte, Juliet*} 

{Margie, KC, Olivia, Juliet} 

Reunion 2013- Missouri 
Age 10 

{Back row: Juliet, Olivia, Charlotte, Emily. Middle: KC. Front: Margie, Moira*, Katie May} 

{Back Row: Me, Aiden, Shane (Margie and Mora's siblings), Hank, Mary Kate*
Middle: Margie, KC, Olivia, Emily, Katie May
Front: Charlotte, Alex*, Khole*, Jud*, Moira*, Juliet, Juliet*} 

Look how much these girls have grown, and how big our group has gotten. There were 15 in the group that Olivia was adopted in and many of the families that adopted once went and adopted again. 

*Indicates siblings of the original Guangdong 2004 girls. 

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