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Monday, August 11, 2014

Reflections: Month 12

Well guys, I've made it! I have officially been in Korea for 1 year. We are on the downhill part of our Korean adventure. We have about 8 months left here in Korea- it's crazy to see how fast the last year has gone by. 

I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't excited about going home. I still really love being an expat and being able to travel, but Korea is starting to drive me crazy. I think it's just the itch to move again and find a new adventure. At the same time- I am not ready to stop exploring Asia. I never thought I would love Asia as much as I do- but it's amazing. 

So here's a few things about my stay in Korea so far. A lot of these haven't changed since my 6th month, but I still wanted to do this.

What I Love About Korea
Seoul- I love the capital so much. I love exploring and seeing the busy city life. I love that we are close enough to take day trips up to the city. And I love that there is a whole section of the town that is filled with foreign food. I'm glad I can satisfies my guacamole cravings every once in a while. 

Things to Do- There is still so much to see and to explore. We have a couple in country trips we have planned. 

Korean BBQ- Still delicious. Still my favorite. 

What Drives Me Crazy
The Drunk Guys- Every Thursday- Sunday, the streets are filled with people that have overindulged. At this point- I'm so sick of walking around throw up. Walking around drunk guys weaving in the streets and spitting. And I'm very much over the drunk guys approaching me and asking if I'm Russian and to get a drink with them. A couple months ago, a guy started bothering me on the bus. He was touching my hair. He followed me off the bus and down the street. At the corner- he stood really close to me and tried to touch me. It was the scariest experience so far here in Korea. I waited in a store until Matt could meet me and walk with me home. The guy waited outside for over 30 minutes. It was creepy. So I can safely say I hate this the most about Korea. 

The Pushiness- Everyone just pushes. It's hard to describe Korea's culture because they are very caring and are respectful of others.... unless you are in line for something. Then it's me me me. I know it's just a cultural thing and I don't believe they are being rude- but it's a hard thing to get over for my American self.

What I Miss
Oh my gosh I miss everything! 
Driving- I so miss driving. I love that public transportation is so good here, but I miss jumping in my car and going somewhere. I know I wouldn't want to drive here, but I can't wait to drive when I'm back home. 

Chick-fil-A- Oh what I wouldn't give for nice chicken sandwich and a chocolate milkshake. And their lemonade. There are many things that I can't wait to eat. I want Mexican food and pot roast and sour cream. (Maybe not at the same time.)  Matt and I often have conversations about what we are going to eat first. 

My family- I can't wait to see my little Asian babies. I can't wait to spend the holidays with them and actually go to family gatherings. I just want to be a part of things again. 

Things I've Picked Up
Using 2 Hands- Here in Korea, people use two hands to give and to receive things to others. Whenever I am paying for something I always use two hands.
Highlights from Year One 
Visiting the Temple by the Sea in Busan
Getting new stamps in my passport
Visiting Cambodia
Making Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner together
Tokyo Disneyland

This last year has been an amazing adventure. I can't to see what the next 8 months have in store for us!  


  1. Happy one year! I would not love all the drunk people either but it sounds like an awesome year aside from that!

    1. It has been a wonderful year. The drunk people are whatever, but Korea is so much more than them. :)

  2. Happy one year - luckily it seems the good outweighs the bad so you're still golden!

    1. Thanks Polly! The good definitely outweighs the bad. So happy for this experience.

  3. Happy one year! It must be great to be on the last stretch! :) My gosh I can only imagine the things you dislike - I get so socially awkward and I definitely hate when people touch me - like what the hell! Oh and I heard korean bbq are the best!

    1. Thanks Camila! Korea is wonderful- even with the weird lack of personal space. And Korean BBQ is the BEST!

  4. Crazy. It seems like we were just sitting on the beach in Hawaii talking about your plans, and now it's almost over! Reading this made me want Chick fil A lemonade...

    1. MMMM Chick fil A! And I can't believe our trip is coming to an end either! It's been a crazy year, but I would love to be back on that beach. I miss Hawaii.


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