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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday Letters #49

Happy Happy Saturday Y'all! 

Sorry for being late with the letters and for not posting that much, but my laptop decided to take a sick week and is currently being cared for at the Apple repair shop. (Which- by the way- Apple repair here in Korea is pretty much non-existent. Matt and I went on a goose chase today finding the repair center here in Suwon.) Hopefully, I will have my laptop back by next week, but for now- I will be using Matt's.

I hope your week went well. Here is what we have been up to this last week. 

Dear Vietnam, You were amazing. I had a feeling I would love the cruise we took on Ha Long Bay, but I did not expect to love the rest of Hanoi as much. But I fell in love. Hanoi is such an amazing city, and we loved walking around and exploring. Ha Long Bay was the highlight of our trip, but the rest of Hanoi did not disappoint. The heat was a little unbearable at times- but I guess that's what hotel pools were made for. I have a feeling Vietnam might be a return trip for us. There is so much we have left to see. 
Dear IndoChina Junk, Thank you for being such an amazing company to tour with. Our cruise down in the bay was amazing. The views were spectacular. 
I can't wait to start sharing the trip with you guys. 

Dear Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, I have to admit this was a strange experience for me, but I'm so glad we did this. Ho Chi Minh was a leader of Vietnam and is loved by the people for being the leader who got rid of the imperialization from the French. He also had pretty strong Communist ideals. When he died, the country embalmed him and built this mausoleum for his body. Nowadays, it's like a mecca trip for the Vietnamese people to come pay respects to their beloved leader. I really wanted to see Ho Chi Minh for some morbid reason, and I am glad we did it. It is one of the most bizarre things I've done- and I'm sure Matt could have passed on this experience- but I think it was worth standing around and sweating in the hot Vietnam sun.

Dear Guardians of the Galaxy, Wow! What an amazing movie. Matt and I actually saw this movie twice this week and loved it both times. Can I get a Amen for how great Chris Pratt looked in this movie!?! Even Matt agrees- so it's okay that I write this. But for real- I think this is my favorite Marvel movie so far, and I can't wait for Guardians II. 

And that pretty much sums up our week. Broken MacBook Pro. Easy work week because a lot of our students are on vacation. Wonderful trip to Vietnam. And a double movie event. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Love, Alex

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