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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An Egg Hunt: Tokyo Disneyland

Happy Wednesday Y'all! 

Way back in June, Matt and I took a weekend trip to Tokyo to visit Disneyland for my birthday. And let me tell you- Best... Birthday Trip... Ever! 

I really plan on talking a whole lot about our two day Disney trip, but for now I want to share something cool we got to do while in Disney- an Easter Egg Hunt. During Spring, Disney Tokyo sets up an egg hunt around the park for the Easter season. Each egg is decorated in the Disney decor and characters. Although it was way past Easter when we visited- the eggs were still up. We were really excited to walk around the park and check out the eggs.

We had the best time looking for eggs. Most of the eggs were right outside the ride they represented, or right around that area.


I was really excited that we got to visit the park during this egg hunt. It was raining when we were at the park, and all the eggs really brightened everything up during the dreary weather.


  1. I visited Tokyo Disneyland last year just before easter and thought that all the Disney eggs were so cute!

    1. Anna- Aren't the eggs adorable! I loved walking around the park and finding them. I'm so happy we visited the park while they were still up.


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