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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday Flashback #5

The flashback this week is an event that happened not too long ago... About a year ago to be exact. And this flashback is not really embarrassing to me; it is just sad and depressing!

A little over a year ago Matt and I moved to Hawaii to finish school. Our first apartment was not really an apartment but a bedroom. It was such a horrible place, but we were desperate for anything until we could get into TVA (the on campus married housing- it is about $600 cheaper than other married housing). For a reminder of our first home click here.

As you can tell our kitchen was right next to our bed, so when Matt would get ready for work (at 5:00 am) I could also hear him get ready and eat breakfast. Well, as most of you know or have experienced I get a little crabby, no VERY crabby, if I am woken up. However, I never really remember this crabbiness when I wake up.

Anyway, one thing that I hated about our first 'home' was that we always ALWAYS got ants. We would just think about making food and the ants would come out to play. So one morning I was getting ready in our bathroom and I noticed all these ants running around our shower and floor! I was so confused what was bringing them there since there was no food in our bathroom. So I just assumed maybe it was the sweet smell of my shampoo or body wash. I just ignored them, but day after day they remained!

Then one day I looked in the bathroom trash... and there was a granola bar wrapper in the BATHROOM trash!!!! What the heck? That was what was bringing the ants into the bathroom, but why was the granola bar wrapper in the bathroom? So I asked Matt why he would throw the granola bar wrapper in the bathroom trash, not the kitchen. Which lead to his story:

He had been eating his breakfast at our kitchen table (which was at the foot of our bed) and apparently his noise (the noise of him opening a granola bar) was bothering me enough that I had yelled at him time and time again. So being the nice husband he is and not liking being yelled at by his rude crabby wife he started eating his breakfast in the bathroom!

IN THE BATHROOM- He would put the toilet seat down and sit on top of the cover and eat his breakfast! When I heard this I was so overcome with guilt! What type of wife was I that had lead him to eat in the bathroom (gross)? A tired one? A selfish one? I don't know, but I felt bad!

Now, I can't say I have changed too much with not being the happiest about being woken up, but Matt no longer eats in the bathroom. Although, I am now the one that wakes up early- Matt is so nice he wakes up and makes my breakfast and lunch AND walks me to the car! If I have not said it before, I am saying it now- I am one LUCKY lady. I think at times our marriage is a little one sided. Now I think all marriages go through this at times, but Matt has never made me eat my breakfast in the bathroom and for that I think I will always be a bit guilty.

So while this was not some childhood memory or traumatic experience, this was still pretty sad. Hope you enjoyed it or at the very least feel a little sympathy for Matt.


  1. I think I remember you telling me about this; maybe not right after it happened, but I remember this story. :) If it makes you feel any better, when I get in bed after Jake is already asleep and try to cuddle with him, he yells "COLD" and pushes me away. haha. I think we all do crazy things when we're asleep/mostly asleep.

  2. I feel like mine and Josh's marriage is a little one-sided sometimes as well. And I can relate to your feeling crabby when you wake up, because I do that as well. I think these are just girl things! But luckily we marry amazing guys who not only put up with us, but gladly do everything they can to keep us happy. I kinda laughed when you said "I have never made Matt eat in the bathroom" haha. I think it's healthy to have humor in any relationship. Cute blog! :)

  3. ALEX! I love that Matt has grown up to a be a good hubby! And I think it's ok if it's a little one-sided, you probably make up for it ways you don't realize. Me and my boyfriend are kinda the same way and I assume it's ok b/c a)he hasn't broken up with me and b)he takes it like a champ.
    I love that you have a blog! I don't know ANYONE who does. While mine is anonymous, I'm sure you'll figure out who I am :)

  4. Thank you for your comments! Sorry it took me this long to realize comments were left.


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