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Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Letters #43 and #44

Happy Happy Friday Y'all! 

I didn't get to my letters last week, so I guess today will be a catch up week. 

Dear Fourth of July, It was a little anticlimactic this year to be honest. Shocker- but the 4th of July doesn't really mean anything here in Korea. There were no hot dogs and fireworks for us this year. We did go to a church breakfast activity and had yummy pancakes to start the day, but that was the extent of our celebrations. 

Dear Family History Work, Man are you fun. The last couple of weeks I've been digging into some of my family history, and it's been fun. At times it's beyond stressful, but I like looking at all those old census records and seeing names of my ancestors. I also started indexing a bit, which is taking old records and typing the basic info from each document, and that also as been a lot of fun. Maybe I should have been studying harder for the upcoming GRE, but it was a nice distraction. 

Dear Korean Lessons, So far- so good. For the last couple of weeks, Matt and I have been meeting with one of his co-workers for weekly Korean lessons. We spend an hour learning different conversational and grammar aspects of the language. Then we spend an hour helping her with writing assignments for an English class she is taking. It's been nice studying and brushing up on Korean. I feel like it's really helping. 

{Sometimes you have to watch Harry Potter and study Korean} 

Dear Mom and Dad Ho, Thanks for the wonderful birthday package. We love all the yummy treats. And I love my new skirts. (My MIL made me two skirts to wear, and they've been a welcome addition to my limited wardrobe.} Matt is really excited about all the candy. Thanks for making his birthday so special. 

Dear The Selection Series, For real- so good. I bought the first book Wednesday night, and I am already finished with the trilogy. I can't get over how much I enjoyed reading these books. I recommend them to anyone looking for a fun summer read. And for anyone looking to not study in the last days before they take the GRE. Dear Jenny, Thanks for recommending the books to me. 

Dear GRE, Well- as I entered into my last week before the big day- I couldn't bring myself to really study. I reviewed my notes, and read over a couple of things, but I am done. I just want to take this stupid test. I'm ready to catch up on my ProjectLife. I'm ready to not feel guilty when I binge watch a show, or read a new series. I'm nervous for the test, but I'm ready for it to be done. I just have 5 hours to get through on Sunday and then I'm finished! Wish me luck. 

Dear Matt, Happy Happy Birthday lover. I know you were sick with a  fever that wouldn't quite go away. And I know I kept telling you to stay away and not get me sick for my test, but I still love you. Today might not have been that exciting, but just think- in a couple of weeks we will be in Vietnam! 

Have a wonderful weekend y'all! 

Love, Alex 

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