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Monday, April 14, 2014

Reflections: Month 8

Month 8- Can you believe it!?! 

Last week, I hit my 8th month of living in Korea, and with that milestone comes another reflection. Each month during my reflection time, I am always so shocked at how fast time is moving by.

Since my last check in reflection not much has changed. I still need to study more Korea, but I am getting a little better every day. Last week, I sat through one of my Star 1-1 classes (my little ones- about age 7) and I realized I was able to understand what they were asking me. It was just stuff like 'I need a blue color pen or red color pencil'  or  'Do I color this?'  But still- I was pretty surprised as one student asked me red please in Hanguel {붉은 색 주세요}, and I immediately handed her a red color pencil. Small steps, but at least they are steps forward. 

{Matt and I in Busan}

In terms of co-workers, I am starting to have a real friendship with one of my co-workers. This makes me so happy. Last week, she went with me to get a hair cut since I was so nervous that they would just cut all my hair off. I know that sounds crazy, but it's scary when there's a huge communication barrier. Anyway, she went with me and it was perfect. She is also really helping me with my Korean. The other week she went to the library and checked me out a book on learning Korean. Let me tell you- it makes a huge difference just having one person at work to really talk with. 

As I'm writing this I realize that I don't really have all that much to report on. Korea is really becoming our home. There are days I forgot we are living in a foreign place. I have gotten so used to hearing and seeing Korean that it's so normal to me. I never thought that would happen, but it has. Korea is our home; however temporary it may be, it's home. There are pros and cons to living here, but I can say as of month 8, there are more things on the pro side. 

I love being able to explore around Seoul. Or take a train down south. Or book a ticket to Japan. Well really, I love the traveling. For me, it makes the boring- frustrating- different- con side of Korea totally worth it. 

Happy 8 Months to Me! 

PS- It's my niece Annabelle's 4th birthday today! I haven't seen my niece since May of 2011- oh my gosh, how is that even possible! {On a related note, I have never even met my sister's youngest daughter.} 
Matt and I tried our hands at singing Happy Birthday in Korean and completely butchered the language. We posted it on Instagram- if you feel the need to check out our amazing singing skills. 

생일 축하합니다 Annabelle! 

PPS- Are we even friends on Instagram

Happy Monday Y'all! 


  1. Happy 8 months! Small steps are big ones when it comes to learning a language. And having one friend at work really does make all the difference!

    1. Thanks girl! I just wish I could automatically learn the language here. Sometimes I get discouraged, but overall, I think I am doing okay. Thanks for the support!

  2. I saw your birthday message and was very impressed!

    I think it's a sign you're really settling somewhere when the months hold less significance in terms of how you managed to get through them.

    Well done for making improvements with Korean, but also on making connection with people - because those are the most special parts of living abroad.

    1. Oh my gosh thanks Amy! I was so nervous to post it, but I figured what the heck. And I completely agree with you- the connections are the most important thing.

  3. Happy 8 months! It's amazing how somewhere can just feel like home without you even realising!

    1. Thanks Sammy! And I know right- I never thought Korea would be home, but I guess it is.


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