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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cherry Blossom Festival: Jinhae

Happy Thursday Y'all! 

About two weeks ago, Matt and I headed south to see the cherry blossom festival. 

We took a train to Busan and spent Saturday wandering around the city. Then we took a bus over to Changwon for the night, and Sunday morning we took a short bus ride over to the city of Jinhae. A few minutes before we arrived in Jinhae, the bus took us through a tunnel and when we popped out- we had this amazing view of the mountains and tons of cherry blossoms both above and below us. It was a really amazing sight, and it really got me pumped up for the festival. 

I had been looking forward to the cherry blossom festival for a long time. I read about it before coming to Korea, and put it on my Korea Bucketlist. Overall, I had a pretty good time exploring the festival. But you know that feeling when you've built something up so much in your head and then you get to the thing and it's like… oh- okay. Well, that's kinda how I felt with the festival. 

We still had a good time, but I know we won't be going back there next year. That being said- I think this should be on everyone's Korea Bucketlist if you are visiting Korea in the Spring. It was a pretty neat experience. Plus, I saw amazing couple outfits, so I was all good. 

Here are some of the pictures we snapped while exploring the festival along the Yeojwacheon Romance Bridge. 

There are about 8 'scenic' cherry blossom spots throughout the Jinhae area you can go and explore. Matt and I had high hopes of hitting about 5 of these and then we saw the crowds and I quickly said no freaking way. We went to a festival in Seoul back in November, and I thought that was bad. Ummm- it was nothing compared to the hordes of people at this festival. 

As the day went on the crowds got worse and worse. So I would recommend getting there early and seeing the most important thing on your checklist just in case. 

Matt and I checked out the romance bridge and the naval academy. We wanted to do the 1-Year Stairs to Jinhae Tower because I read it has an awesome view, but there were just way to many people. When I climb a butt load of stairs, I like to set my own pace- not feel pressure to go to fast, or to be behind people moving like snails. {Can you tell I hate crowds?} 

We also wanted to see Gyeonghwa Station, which by the way- I thought would be right in Jinhae-but it's not, but the crowds for getting onto the bus were ridiculous. Like I'm pretty sure people were trampled in the process of getting on the bus… It was like reliving our Everland experience. I actually think Matt vetoed this one, so we just went over to the naval academy. 

Now- I really don't want to scare you guys off from going to the festival. I really think it was worth the train ride down and everything. I just want to give you fair warning- the cherry blossom festival will have a crap load of people and then some. But I think it's worth the hassle, especially if you are an earlybird. I think that's the key- go early! And maybe not on a Saturday or Sunday. The taxi driver that took us back to our hotel said the festival would be a lot less busy on Monday. 

In terms of positives (because I want to leave this on a good note), the festival is pretty well organized. There is an information booth right off the city center, and the guides speak pretty good English. In the city center, there is always some sort of entertainment. Everyone we ran into was super friendly and helpful. There is tons of food and drink. And a good many of places to sit. Plus, there is tons to do to keep you busy for the day. And the trees do look very pretty. 

So what do you think? Would you brave the crowds just look at some flowers? 

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  1. How gorgeous! I was so disappointed to miss the cherry blossom festival in Washington this year, so I'll have to enjoy your pictures instead!

    1. Thanks Polly! I was glad to get the chance to go down and see them! It was worth the trip.

  2. Wow, what a stunning time of the year! Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Kayli! Spring is a pretty great time here in Korea.

  3. Really beautiful photos. I am not a fan of crowds either (is anyone!?), but I probably would brave them for this! :)

  4. Some of your pictures look unreal! So beautiful! Crowds can ruin a day for me too. It's great that you managed to tick something off your Korea bucket list though - you'd have regretted not seeing it for yourself.

    1. Thanks Amy. I guess no one really likes crowds! They seem to make everything a little less enjoyable. But I agree- if we had not seen this- I would have had regrets.

  5. Pretty!! The crowds is why I haven't gone to a festival yet...


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