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Monday, December 19, 2011

Praxis, Senior Research, Hygiene Kits, Oh My

This semester was a little more stressful than the others- I handled it, but I sure am glad it's over. I only took 14 credits this semester- as opposed to my usual 18 so I thought it would be easier- but these 14 credits were pretty intense. But I was taking an on-line class and studying for my Content Knowledge Praxis test so I guess it was not the break I was expecting. However, with my excellent time management skills (hahhahaha) I handled it all!

I passed the Praxis test! YAY!!!

I finished my 27 page senior research paper! It was on Queen Victoria and her relationship with her eldest daughter Princess Vicky- if you would like to read it let me know!

I finished my O&P at Mililani Middle! With all my observations completed!

And I finished my senior service project! As most of you know, I collected items together to put hygiene kits together. These will be taken to LDS humanitarian services and distributed there. I was able to collect items for 100 kits! So thanks for everyone that helped out! My friends Zach and Julie will be taking some to India so I will have some great pictures of my service! While the project was a little stressful, I am glad I was able to do this- these kits are going to touch so many people!

Anyway, all my work is done, done, done! So let's party!!!!

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