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Friday, October 16, 2009

When In Doubt Go To A Museum

This is the side of the museum showing the damage done by the air raiding in WWII.

Tuesdays here at the centre are free days for those of us lucky enough to be in Biology! The last few weeks I have taken the time to go around to different museums and see what London has to offer. One Tuesday my roommates and I decided to go to the Victorian and Albert that was just across the park.We did not have a lot time but we went through the fashion part of the museum. It was so much fun to see how fashion has changed over the years. I really liked seeing the shoes and the dresses from the 1800s up to the present!
This was a Woman's Riding Jacket from the 1750-60s. These were usually very masculine in the 18th century, but this shows how a jacket could show off a woman's small waist. The silver braid with its curves showed off the Rococo style that was popular at the time. I liked seeing this because in my humanities class we learned about the Rococo period.

We then went over to the theatre part of the museum and see different sets that have been used for productions and learned a little more about putting on a show. What is really cool about the this part is they have dress up section where everyone can put on costumes and have some fun! So of course the 6 of us did!The 6 of us goofing around in our costumes!To No One's Surprise I Put On Tweedledum's Costume!

Jenny, Me, and Sarah in front of this amazing glass chandelier

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